Demo Site

Welcome! This is a virtual playground for you to try us with no obligation.

Getting Started with the demo site

This site looks and functions just like the main website with a few minor changes as noted below. There are a few things you need to know before logging in.

  • All data here is temporary. Anything you enter or change will eventually be removed and replaced with the default content.
  • Please be respectful. Don't enter content that you wouldn't want your scouts seeing.
  • Be careful. The demo accounts are shared. Please don't enter personal details of any kind.
  • Email & Payments have both been disabled. You can still access the pages, but they won't function.

Login accounts

You may use the following accounts on the demo site. These accounts are typical leader accounts with the Treasurer role added.

  • pack.demo
  • troop.demo

The password for all accounts is demo123

Ready to get started?

No problem! We offer a 2 month free trial. You can get a Free Subscription for your Pack/Troop on the main site and then import your own member data. The trial has all core capabilities enabled.

Then check out our Getting Started guide to get up and running more quickly.


Check out our documentation

We also have starter videos for how to use our Accounting module

Not working?

If you are having trouble getting logged in or the demo data seems wrong contact us. We'll be happy to reset the data and address any questions or issues.

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